What Happened To The Big Mamas And Where Did They Go?


Big Mama happens to be a household term which most persons grew up knowing and are used to, especially those in the black community. Big Mama which refers to a grand-mother, a matriarchal figure that takes care of and runs the family, watching after the little ones, also mean refers to a woman regarded as the head of a family. It also happens to be the female founder or a leading female member of a company, organization, movement, etc.

“BIG MAMA” (Origin; Southern United States, America): A literal English translation and term of endearment for “Grandmother”… A woman who is the Mother to your Father or Mother covering three generations; Mother to her children and her children’s children or an older woman who fills this role as a nurturing person in your life.

With all this definitions and explanations, one might wonder where they have been lately as we no longer feel the impacts of “big mamas” In our society these days. The role which is been played by the big mama cannot be overemphasized neither can it be underrated and overlooked because they make the home complete and worthwhile. Children who grew up in the late 90’s can definitely, of a truth, speak of the great advantage of having a big mama around to help you with certain needs, both emotional and mental needs. The big mama was almost like the actual mother to most kids, and it was a thing to brag about that you had your big mama staying with you.

There was this sweetness that comes with having someone older to rely on, and share your worries with. But all of a sudden the big mamas seems to be disappearing out of our communities and their absence, even though it’s been overlooked, it can still be felt. With this one might ask,”What happened to all the big mamas and where did they go to?”, “why can’t we find them like before?”… Several questions like this might have come through your mind and here are my 3 observations that explain what happened to all the big mamas.

Lifespan Reduction

It is obviously clear that the lifespan of we humans seems to be dropping rapidly due to environmental changes and this factor has negatively affected the level big mamas in our society as people can no longer grow old enough to be one. According to CBSnews on Why American Women Are Dying Younger, it was estimated that the average lifespan of an American woman happens to be from 65years and with this report, one would wonder how then we would still have big mamas in our society. Some of the reasons linked to the lifespan reduction happens to be a biased healthcare system, chemicals present in current day food and also environmental pollutions.

The presence of nanny

Even as the lifespan of the female folks seems to be dropping drastically, another reason why we seem not to be able to see big mamas in our society is that most families now have a nanny to look after their children and the need for a big mama in a home is been ignored and not needed as it used to be. The nanny now plays the role of the big mama even though they cannot completely feel that vacuum.

Societal changes

Unlike before, when people get older they stay with their children but in this current days, the presence of Old People’s Home or fondly called Elderly Care, has taken the big mamas away from us and we are left to wonder where they have all gone to.

Basically, the need for big mamas cannot be overlooked neither can it be overemphasized but due to certain societal and environmental changes, we can no longer find as rampant as before.

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