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When we were kids growing up our grandmother was the Big Momma of the family. A Big Momma is a matriarchal figure that takes care of and runs the family, also watching after the kids. Whenever we were sick she took care of us with her own homemade medicine. She cured us with natural remedies that were passed down from generations before her. It was too many of us to send to the doctor when someone wasn’t feeling well. They believed that certain berries, fruits, and plants mixed in the right combination were put here on earth to heal the body of certain sicknesses. This method was in good practice long before today’s medicine. Being perhaps the 5th generation student of what Grandma and Great Grandma used to cure my siblings and me. I would like to share these blessing with the world. Here are fifteen of her homemade remedies that actually work. I hope you enjoy and find helpful what was used in my Grandma’s Medicine Self. The Boos247