My work is a collection of Urban Novellas. As a Hip-Hop Artist/Lyricist, and Entrepreneur I’ve grown into writing my thoughts and ideas into stories, forming books. Putting my experiences, knowledge, and wisdom into these titles has allowed me to demonstrate what could happen when you put your mind towards reaching your goals and getting things done. Never let anyone kill your passion or steal your dreams. 


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A story for woke Urban Readers!


Jamal, an entrepreneur stuck at home with his foot broken in three places with absolutely anything to do decides to check out an international dating website site. To his surprise, he found many Jamaican women to his liking. Having dated a Jamaican woman before, he wanted the experience again.

After months of online chatting, he sets his sights on Jamrock to meet these beautiful exotic women he met online. During his stay, he learns more about Jamaica, its culture, food, and places to explore. After meeting a few of the ladies face-to-face, with all the wining and dining, Jamal by chance meets Marcia.

Completely unexpected, she wasn’t on his list from the dating website to meet. Marcia was stunning. She immediately captured his heart and blew his mind — as a result, Jamal decides to forgo meeting the other women on his list.

Falling so deeply in love with her, Jamal finds a way to bring Marcia to the United States. Now married and living a beautiful life together, the two were inseparable. But Jamal’s past is about to reshape his future. It’s always good to meet your in-laws before you get married. The things you don’t know can kill you! The feuding, threats, and dishonor will sicken you. Having a beef with your in-laws can suffocate your marriage and lead you into divorce court.

Will this young Jamaican bride turn against her American husband? Will Jamal’s retaliation cause his wife to choose and side with her people? Will the beef between two families start a national war? To find out, you must read it and find out for yourself!


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Old School Remedies That Really Work!

When we were kids growing up our grandmother was the Big Momma of the family…..

A Big Momma is a matriarchal figure that takes care of and runs the family, also watching after the kids. Whenever we were sick she took care of us with her own homemade medicine. She cured us with natural remedies that were passed down from generations before her. It was too many of us to send to the doctor when someone wasn’t feeling well. They believed that certain berries, fruits, and plants mixed in the right combination were put here on earth to heal the body of certain sicknesses. This method was in good practice long before today’s medicine. Being perhaps the 5th generation student of what Grandma and Great Grandma used to cure my siblings and me. I would like to share these blessings with the world. Here are fifteen of her homemade remedies that actually work. I hope you enjoy and find helpful what was used in my Grandma’s Medicine Self.


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My Children’s Life Story Books will entertain and educate kids of today!

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Talking about and dealing with up-to-date situations and issues of the modern day times. Allowing them to learn how to have fun, morals, and respect. Most importantly encouraging them to read more! Hence the phrases “Reading Fuels The Brain.” “So What Are You Fueled Up On?” Everyone can join the family and help spread the word!

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