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I am James “TheBoos” Canteen, Jr. I was born
and raised in the inner cities of Georgetown, SC
and Bronx, New York.

My Story

Hello there. My name is James “The Boos” Canteen, Jr. I was born and raised in the inner cities of Georgetown, SC, and The South Bronx, of New York. Starting from breakdancing and rapping to DJing, I’ve left my mark on the urban hip-hop culture scene over the years. From there, I’ve created Boosta Sports Apparel — BOOSTA meaning Buying Our Own Styles Transcends Awareness — as a way to raise the consciousness of the African American community about economic self-empowerment while contributing to the hip-hop culture. As a serial entrepreneur, I later created the brands Active Diabetic GT, Happy Huggs, EkClesia, Geechee Baby, 5on5 In The Paint, and Big Boos Thee Invisible Man (the musical artist), among others… All of which merged into


My artistic expression is fueled both by my unrelenting desire to unite and bring awareness to the community while uplifting people as well as my passion for creating and flare for design. Not conformed to specific forms or shapes, I derive immense pleasure from sharing my art with everyone from the music and apparel to the literary works, all fashioned to leave a positive impact within the society at large by transforming lives one person at a time. Inspired by life in general as well as my personal experiences, each brand/creation takes on a persona of its own and is rooted in strong morals, family values, honesty and integrity without sacrificing on quality.


From kids to adults, there is something for everyone with special attention paid to urban novella readers and urban fashion lovers. What better way to remain current and look all classy, confident and cool than through a premium collection of brands wherewith each purchase you make you invest in the future and development of another person? With The Boos247, every contribution matters as I believe in giving back to the community through supporting various causes that are dear to my heart. It is more of translating service into action, in turn shaping the future of many others who need a hand up!
There are many reasons why you may feel inclined to Shop With The Boos, but the key reason why you should shop with us is to experience an unparalleled shopping experience where your needs truly matter. With everything found under one roof, we will save you both time and money through authentic and affordable products that are uniquely designed with you in mind. Get in touch today and experience The Boos247 Advantage!

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