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I am James “TheBoos” Canteen, Jr. I was born
and raised in the inner cities of Georgetown, SC
and Bronx, New York.


My Story


I am James “TheBoos” Canteen, Jr. I was born and raised in the inner cities of Georgetown, SC and Bronx, New York. Starting from breakdancing and rapping to DJing, I’ve left my mark on the urban hip-hop culture scene. From there I’ve created Boosta Sports Apparel — BOOSTA meaning Buying Our Own Styles Transcends Awareness — as a way to raise the consciousness of the African American community about economic self-empowerment while contributing to the hip-hop culture. As a serial entrepreneur, I later created the brands ShoppingWithTheBoos, Happy Huggs, and Big Boos Thee Invisible Man, (the musical artist), all of which merged into The Boos247.


Why write this series?  My work is a collection of Urban Novellas.  As a Hip-Hop artist/lyricist, and an entrepreneur I’ve grown into writing my thoughts and ideas into short stories, forming books. 

 My Children’s Life Story Books will entertain and educate kids of today! Talking about and dealing with up-to-date situations and issues of the modern day times. Allowing them to learn how to have fun, morals, and respect. Most importantly encouraging them to read more! Hence the phrases “Reading Fuels The Brain.” “So What Are You Fueled Up On?”  Everyone can join the family and help spread the word!


Putting my experiences, knowledge, and wisdom into these titles has allowed me to demonstrate what could happen when marrying a young Jamaican woman. When dating, it’s important to meet the family of your fiance. Being with someone from a different culture and joined to you has its advantages and disadvantages — spiritual, physical, mental — all worth exploring.

I hope you enjoy the first book in this series, My Young Jamaican Wife, and my other up and coming titles.

~ The Boos247


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